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It is our mission to make anyone suffering from hearing loss happy again! We love nothing more than seeing a big smile appear on our customer's faces when they discover natural sound again. So much so that we created our 'happy wall' to feature our happy customers.Here are a few case studies from our customers over the years...

Customer Testimonials 1

"The best service and aftercare I have ever received"

World Champion Rugby player Ben Cohen MBE

Ben turned to local independent hearing specialists for help with his hearing and now is a proud wearer of Vogue® hearing aids.​

“Thank you Ian Arnold and your team Hearing for genuinely caring about me and my hearing.​

Your regular attention keeps me hearing my family and friends clearly. I tried all the big companies, wish I could have found you guys first – and saved me wasting time and money!”​

I was fitted with Vogue® hearing aids and after a few consultations and fine tuning sessions, I now hear better than ever. The sound is so clear and very natural. My phone calls are streamed to both ears, which means I hear phone calls better than most people!

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Customer Testimonials 2

It’s a whole new world for Damien

Damien Simms has been a customer of our hearing aid audiologist - Ian Arnold - for 26 years! First seeing Ian when he was just 23 years old.

Technology is important to Damien and he always wants to use the latest advances in technology to help him hear sounds as natural as possible.

Having recently upgraded to the New invisible Widex ‘Dream’ and he was shocked by the difference... “It’s a whole new world for me, I thought my old ones were good. I can hear music like I remember it used to sound. Family and friends have noticed my own speech is much improved, in fact I am now so much more confident and even hearing foreign languages and conversing with more French people on my last trip to France.

I feel so much more confident in all situations. My tiny new hearing aids also link automatically by Bluetooth to my mobile phone when it rings and they can also stream music straight from my iPhone to my hearing aids - in both ears at the same time. I think I can now hear phone calls clearer than anyone because I hear the phone call in both ears at once with no background noise getting in the way of the conversation”

Customer Testimonials 3

Laurance got his hearing & music back just in time for his trip!

Laurence keeps exploring Africa, with a little help from his local hearing specialists!

Laurence has travelled overland through many countries including Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe (his country of birth) in his old Toyota Landcruiser. Also known as Fred the Camel.

Laurence commented: “Thank you, guys. Without your help, my hearing would have ended my travels around Africa. I have to be able to communicate with everyone I meet. My hearing has not held me back as I have to hear every noise my new Fred the Camel (Ex Paris Dakar MAN race truck) makes, essential for exploring and avoiding breakdowns hundreds of miles from help. Oh, and don’t forget my saxophone. Music, listening and streaming music and phone calls is an absolute breakthrough in technology – crystal clear. Thank you all once more.”

We helped Laurence, we can help you too. Call us now and make an appointment if you or a loved one has hearing concerns.

Customer Testimonials 4

Nick Tedd, Owner / Managing Director at Blisshair

Really friendly experience - I’ve been coming here for years. Ian and his team are always honest & give me the best hearing aids & technology to meet my needs. my appointment today was to address some issues with my Bluetooth technology for phone calls - not only was this issue solved, I left with brand new tubes for my hearing aids & digital adjustments which are already helping me understand conversation much better.

Can’t recommend it highly enough.

Sourcing professional advice regarding hearing loss technology can be a minefield but you will be given honest, trustworthy & reliable information at this brilliant clinic.

Customer Testimonials 5

Nancy Watson, Nottingham.

“I’ve struggled with my hearing since childhood and could never get on with hearing aids, that is until I went to Arnold Hearing Clinic and met Ian.

That was 28 years ago and I’m still going every year for a service.

All the staff are kind and helpful. Ian was very patient with me and explained all the options available to me very clearly.

I found the noise hard to put up with at first but Ian turned them up gradually so I could get used to it at my own pace. They do take some getting used to, but I couldn’t do without them now.

I heard noises that I hadn’t heard before, like a fridge kicking in and birds singing.

My life is so much easier now I can hear better, going to Arnold Hearing clinic was the best thing that I ever did.”

Customer Testimonials 6

Sheila Wicks, Nottingham.

“I have been visiting Arnold Hearing Specialists since 2001 and wearing hearing aids for 20 years. Now I wear the new Bluetooth streaming ones that stream my phone calls crystal clear and TV very clearly.

I am very happy with them and enjoy as well as a variety of voices. Without my aids all this would be impossible. These professionals have been a great help all the way. They even came to our house to fit the TV Streamer.

Nothing has been too much trouble. I will always use Arnold Hearing Specialists and

have no hesitation in recommending them for all hearing loss situations.”

Get in touch and see how Arnold Hearing can help you, or find your nearest branch.

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