Silence the Noise in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2021!

02 February 2021

We are supporting British Tinnitus Association with their Tinnitus Awareness week 1st - 7th February 2021.

We are helping to stop the 'noise' and remind tinnitus sufferers everywhere that they're not alone, that they needn’t give in to isolation and loneliness.

Silence the Noise in Tinnitus Awareness Week 2021! - (Section 2)

Tinnitus affects all age groups and is described as the “sensation of hearing a sound in the absence of any external sound” and can manifest itself in the form of a ringing, buzzing, hissing or whistling – but it can vary from person to person. Anyone can get tinnitus, with the British Tinnitus Association reporting that 30% of people will experience the condition at some point in their lives.

Arnold Hearing Specialists understand how debilitating tinnitus it can be and the impact it has on your day to day life. While tinnitus affects around 10% of the UK population, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer from Tinnitus sounds.

To support Tinnitus Awareness Week, we are helping to create awareness. Many people are embarrassed to admit that they have tinnitus. It’s such a personal, and seemingly subjective concern that talking about it makes some feel silly and it shouldn’t. It should be discussed with your GP or healthcare professional if it affects your way of life. The embarrassment needs to end.

How is Tinnitus Awareness Week Beneficial?

Tinnitus Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of tinnitus, its causes and possible treatments. The funds that are raised annually are used to support the ongoing research and development of a cure for tinnitus. Although there is currently no cure for this condition, there are available products and remedies that can help manage it and improve the lives of many people suffering from tinnitus.

COVID-19 and Tinnitus

Thousands of cancelled and postponed medical appointments. Stress and anxiety caused by isolation, being away from friends and family, and ongoing lockdown restrictions.

All of this can have a significant effect on the intensity of tinnitus. During this crisis, it can be tough to get an appointment with your GP, and we understand that people are struggling. We provide a tinnitus management service and work with you to understand the cause of your tinnitus and look for other symptoms such as hearing loss, dizziness or sensitivity to certain sounds.

While there is no treatment or ‘cure’ for tinnitus there are tinnitus management techniques and strategies that help you cope better.

Hearing aids help those who have hearing loss along with tinnitus as the better you hear, the less you may notice your tinnitus. Modern hearing aids include additional features and devices to help with different hearing environments. Many also have tinnitus therapy settings that can signal soothing sounds to relax the distract from the tinnitus sounds.

Living with Tinnitus During This Difficult Time

If you need advice on treatments for tinnitus, book a Tinnitus consultation with us. These are uncertain times, and we can help you discover coping skills to manage your tinnitus.

Get in touch and see how Arnold Hearing can help you, or find your nearest branch.

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