New Hearing Aids Designed For Masks

18 March 2021

New Hearing Aids Designed For Masks - (Section 1)

Facemasks have played an essential role in slowing the spread of COVID, but what about the challenges they bring with understanding speech…?

We already feel isolated, and now our limited social contact involves muffled speech through a facemask with no lip-reading cues. Even those with excellent hearing find social distancing and facemasks difficult when trying to communicate.

Can Hearing Aids Help with Facemask Muffle Speech?

Hearing aids amplify sound, so their functionality will help make it easier to hear people who are wearing face masks. Still, hearing aid manufacturers Starkey wanted to provide more of a sophisticated solution for their customers. In response they have designed brand new technology to help hearing aid users hear better in this mask-wearing time.

Hearing aids Tailored For This Time

Arnold Hearing Care are proud to introduce the New Edge Mode Technology available only in the Livio Edge AI hearing aids. This new technology is proven to be highly effective in resolving speech muffling caused by masks.

New Hearing Aids Designed For Masks - (Section 4)

A simple double-tap of your hearing aids activates Edge Mode anytime you need it. The Edge mode scans the acoustic environment you are in, then instantly optimises sounds – taking masks, distance and background noise into consideration – to deliver enhanced speech audibility on demand.

Not only is Edge Mode great for masks, but it’s also handy to have any time you encounter a noisy or particularly challenging listening environment.

Not only do they help make hearing more effortless, but they also fit in your ear and not behind them; they won’t get tangled or pulled off when you’re wearing or removing your face mask.

And they’re the only wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids you can buy!

Book your free demonstration today and prepare the easing of lockdown with enjoyable social situations.

Get in touch and see how Arnold Hearing can help you, or find your nearest branch.

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