Doh Ray Me

19 September 2023

I hadn’t heard too well for ages, a dumbing down of life in stages.
Now, at last, the day of days, I’ve got brand new hearing aids.

Skip and hop I leave the shop, and hear the door behind me close
to brave the busy buzz of Witney for the car park of Waitrose.

The car starts up ….. and I start too! Away we roar as if to war
Though tones had altered nothing faltered. Destination?? My back door.

I hear the key creak in the lock and when I push the door it squeaks
and when I slam, oh what a bang, the biggest noise I’ve heard in weeks!

Clear the kitchen, usual chore, cutlery thrown in the drawer.
A bang and bash, discordant crash, as if the sky had hit the floor.

Then I thought that I heard rain, my washing getting wet again
I bolted out but it was nowt, just trees and leaves in breeze. No rain!

Now that all these things have faded, life is as it was before
and so I think that we have ‘made it’ even better then before?

I hear a phone whatever tone plus TV and music for sure
and whenever I’m at a family chat or meetings of quite a few more

I’m joining in everything……….. OH! >>>>>>>>> I must go
There’s somebody at my back door

My aids are worth their weight in gold. Thank you very much Arnold!
‚ÄčI hear the birds are singing too and join the chorus thanking you.


Written by a happy Arnold Hearing Specialist customer: Sally Woodgate

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