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Arnold Hearing Specialists Nottingham

Hearing Clinics in West Bridgford

 You would be happy to know that we are giving as standard to all our customers: 


  • 5-year guarantee on all our hearing aids,

  • Regular annual service reviews 

  • Hearing assessments completely personalised to you

  • Hearing solutions for your individual needs. 


You may not realise what you are missing out on and have nothing to lose by making an appointment for your free hearing test and review. Please contact us to let us keep your hearing healthy and see the difference in your general well-being. 

When your hearing matters our experience matters, and because we are independent we give you access to the perfect hearing solution for your individual needs. 

As a group of independent hearing care specialists in Nottingham, Lincoln and Oxford all with a passion to offer attention to detail, impeccable customer care and professional service - you can be confident that your hearing is being cared for by a traditional family-run business with strong values and missions that put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

By continuing to be independent, we are able to offer unbiases solutions for your hearing loss and stay at the forefront of new technology. 

You can be confident that your hearing is in safe hands that are here to stay!

Our hearing aid prices are competitive and transparent. We offer and fit the latest and best technology available today. We assess what you need based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and aesthetic preference. We will then discuss solutions that are right for you, your hearing preferences and your budget. 

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