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Arnold Hearing Specialists Oxfordshire

About Arnold Hearing Centre Witney

In 2019 well-established hearing clinics known as Sound Hearing / Keith Donaghy hearing care joined the Arnold Hearing Specialists family of independent hearing care providers giving their Witney and Banbury branches the opportunity to expand the services to local customers and provide world-leading hearing solutions to all their customers. Hearing test in Banbury and hearing test Witney available by appointment.  


 Since Sound Hearing joined Arnold Hearing Specialists the clinics have had a total revamp including investment in world-class hearing booths to provide the most accurate hearing test results possible and offer the best hearing solutions for your individual needs. 

We are proud to have the Keith Donaghy hearing care centres as part of the Arnold Hearing Specialists' independent family-run hearing care providers. 

Our hearing care centres in Banbury and Witney have both had modern makeovers, and we’ve implemented the very important and necessary COVID protective screens and procedures to protect customers and staff members.


And that’s not all - we are delighted to be expanding the team and introducing our Hearing aid Audiologist - Dharmin Neik BSc (Hons) RHAD MBTA.'

Dharmin is highly qualified and brings with him a wealth of experience that includes developing and managing nationally recognised clinics in complex hearing difficulties and tinnitus management at leading NHS Foundation Trusts including John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

 You would be happy to know that we are giving as standard to all our customers: 


  • 5-year guarantee on all our hearing aids,

  • Regular 6 months service reviews 

  • Hearing assessments completely personalised to you

  • Hearing solutions for your individual needs. 

Hearing Test Banbury & Witney 

At Arnold Hearing Specialists Banbury and Witney, our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you with all your hearing care needs, so you couldn't be in better hands. 

If it's a hearing test you feel you need, remember we offer free hearing tests, and these will be carried out by our experienced hearing aid audiologists - Dharmin Naik. Our hearing solutions are tailored to ensure you receive the benefits of better hearing no matter what your budget. 


You may not realise what you are missing out on and have nothing to lose by making an appointment for your free hearing assessment and review. Please contact us to let us keep your hearing healthy and see the difference in your general well-being. 

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