How to Change Your Hearing Aid Batteries.

Modern hearing aids are so advanced. With all the extra processing power and new features in today's hearing aids you may find yourself typically changing your batteries every 3 - 10 days depending on how much you wear and care for your hearing aids. You'll hear two beeps when it's time to change the battery. this pre-warning will be repeated at moderate intervals until the battery runs out.

For help changing your hearing aid batteries take a look at our short videos below ranging from changing hearing aid batteries in RIC, CIC and ITE hearing aids. Our videos demonstrate how to insert a fresh battery in the hearing aids.

When not in use, turn your hearing aid off by opening the battery drawer. This way you save the battery.

Please enjoy this tutorial on the RIC Smallest Ever Hearing Aids on how to remove the old battery/wax guards and replace them with new ones.

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  • This tutorial shows the RIC Medium Size Hearing Aids and how to remove the old battery/wax guards and replace them with new ones.

  • This tutorial demonstrates how to remove the old battery from CIC/ITC/ITE Hearing Aids and replace them with new ones.

  • If you need any further help on changing your hearing aid batteries please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment and we will happily show you how to look after your hearing aids.

    All our customers are shown how to change a hearing aid battery during the hearing aid fitting appointment but we will continuously support your progress with your hearing aids or if you have purchased elsewhere and need help getting the most out of your hearing aids then please get in touch.

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